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The Castle Consulting Group: Your Step to SAP Success

The Castle Consulting Group is dedicated to providing superior SAP support, services, and solutions to satisfy your individual business needs. From Project Preparation and Core Team Construction through GoLive and Support, our elite team of experts promises to deliver paramount results through every phase of the implementation process.

With an average of 15 years experience in the field, the Castle Consulting Group boasts a comprehensive understanding of SAP functionality, potential, and solutions across a wide range of industries, offering cost-effective services backed by the industry's most knowledgable experts.

When you select the Castle Consulting Group for your SAP needs, you can be confident that you are investing in the field's most talented professionals, maximizing the return of your SAP investment and ensuring the success and utility of your overall project.

SAP is a powerful product with tremendous potential for success. With the Castle Consulting Group, you can experience the full magnitude of benefits SAP can deliver.

Meet Marty

A Senior Level Management Consultant offering over 20 years of professional experience with management consulting, SAP reseller, and boutique consulting firms, Castle Consulting Group's President and CEO, Marty Schloss, has been repeatedly recognized for his ability to quickly assess, resolve, and drive a project to success.

Having dedicated 10 years exclusively to SAP Project Management work, including analysis, strategy, design, development, implementation and training, Marty has been integrally involved with all aspects of the product, from the Concept and Design phase through GoLive and Support. He has also managed a consulting practice, sold SAP software, and served as an instructor at the SAP Partner